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06apr24 - Added ATmega4809 Demo board to evaluate New AVR family.

19nov20 - Added a section called NewAVR to GitHub Chip's AVR Example Projects area. This contains example code for the megaAT 0-series devices like the ATmega4808/4809 family.

14oct20 - Added a link to a NodeJS Server w/ Unity Client project.

14aug20 - Added Rev3 dsPIC33 project software and status.

22may20 - Posted a Python based Everquest loot drop log parser on GitHub.
Everquest Loot Drop Parser

13sep19 - Updated dsPIC33 project software and status.

17aug19 - Added Motor Slave project page.

03dec18 - Added Range Helper project page.

27sep18 - Added RC Interface I2C Slave project page.

15mar18 - Added Galactic Dust game project page.

06jul17 - Added Dragon Board 410c LS Expansion Board project to Project area.

29jun17 - Added I2C LED Display Slave project to Project area.

16mar17 - Added I2C ATtiny85 Bootloader project to Software area.

12mar17 - Added Programmable Timer project.

18jan17 - Updated dsPIC33 project. Expanded to four channels simultaneous at 250kHz.

04jan17 - Added two projects. WinkyRedux:20 LED with 8 pin AVR chip and dsPIC33:1MHz sampling with 2Mb storage.

31dec16 - Added Instructables links. Have three so far.

20sep16 - New Face Animation project started. Face Animation Development Board

12sep16 - New project I2C ADC Serial Audio board started. I2C ADC Serial Audio
This is an 8 channel ADC board with audio, serial port, I2C, and general digital I/O expansion ports.
Two of these will be used, one as Master and one as Slave, in the Face Animatronics Development Board that is in its preliminary design phase.

09aug16 - Rewrote SumoBot code in C. Posted to GitHub. SumoMazeBot Board

25feb16 - Added an I2C Slave multiple device Write to I2C Tutorials in projects section.

31jan16 - Added an TWI I2C Slave Write+Read to I2C Tutorials in projects section.

30jan16 - Added an USI I2C Slave Read to I2C Tutorials in projects section.

29jan16 - Added an TWI I2C Slave Read to I2C Tutorials in projects section.

27jan16 - Added an I2C Slave Tutorials to projects section.

25jan16 - Added an Em8x8 I2C Slave to projects section.

15jan16 - Added an Impact Monitor A to projects section.

21nov15 - Added an TankBotBare2 code link to GitHub in TankBotBare project page.

15nov15 - Added an Intro To Coding page to the Ideas section.

10nov15 - Added pictures of assembled Tank Bot Board on an old RC car chassis. TankBotBare Board

03jul15 - Added the Multi Tiny AVR Demo board.

14jun15 - Added an Ideas section to put concepts and well, ideas.

31mar15 - Posted software I2C slave (bit-bang) code on GitHib for ATmega164P and ATtiny2313 devices.

16mar15 - Currently pursuing a concept I've been calling "Innovation Through Fusion". I define this as "Any project that has less than 5% original code or hardware with the rest being modules, services, etc. 'glued' together by this 5%." Seems to be the way of the future.

07mar15 - Added the Tank Bot Bare board project. This will be a mobile bot slave board using an I2C interface to a BeagleBone Black or Arduino UNO/MEGA.

16jan15 - Added the Sumo Maze Bot project. This will be a dual use bot for both sumo contests and maze running.

21nov14 - Adding more content to the projects. Also added a link to example projects written in AVR assembly code. These use my lib files and show uses of the sys_timers.asm module.

10nov14 - Added LCD CDM-16100 demo board project and TankBot project.

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