Face Animatronics Board
Face Anim Dev Board
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Name: Face Animatronics Board
CPU: Two I2C ADC Serial Audio boards
Status: In Work.
Summary: The Face Animatronics board is used for developing Face action sequences while final hardware is being built.

Dimensions: 12.0" x 12.0"
Power: 9 VDC plus 3.6v or 3.7v for servos
Software Master and Slave C Code
Schematic I2C ADC Serial Audio Board
System Diagram


The Face Animatronics board is designed to allow development of facial animation sequences.
There is one variable resistor for each movable item in the face. The eyes use rotational pots to control rotational servos and the other items use linear pots to control linear servos.
The CAPTURE button will record the current settings of all the pots and add this snap-shot to the current list. The PLAY button will cycle through the current list of snap-shots.
A MENU button brings up a menu to set timing, transistion modes, and other sequence parameters.


The board uses a 7-12v DC (9v DC typical) external supply for power. The servo power is 4.8v DC.