Sumo Maze Bot Project
Sumo Maze Bot
Tn6View - Sumo Maze Bot Tn5View - Sumo Maze Bot assembled PC board Tn4View - Sumo Maze Bot PC board Tn3View - Sumo Maze Bot PC board layout Tn1View - Schematic pg1 Tn2View - Schematic pg2
Name: Sumo Maze Bot
CPU: ATmega164P
Status: First unit build and tested. Code rewritten in C.
Summary: The Sumo Maze Bot board is a general purpose controller with both continuous rotation servo motor control and DC brush motor control. It has six IR sensors for near field distance ranging and three line following IR sensors. It includes I2C and RS-232 interfaces as well as an ISP header for the AVR programming pod.

Software: On GitHub
Dimensions: 3.8" x 2.5"
Power: 9 VDC for CPU and sensors
4.5 to 14.5 VDC for motors


The Sumo Maze Bot project uses the mini-sumo Mk III base from the Portland Robotics Club. Use this link for more information and hardware details. This is a replacement board that adds side sensors to adapt the base for maze running. It was also provided the option of using DC motors instead of continuous rotation servos.


6aug16 - Updated and rewritten code in C. Add I2C master interface to use the LCD_CDM-16100 board for display. Replaced front sensors with Sparp GP2Y0A41SK IR range sensors.