Range Helper
Range Helper Schematic
Tn1View - Range Helper Schematic
Name: Range Helper Board
CPU: ATtiny85
Status: In Work.
Summary: The Range Helper is used to measure distance and increase the speed of a vibrator motor as the distance decreases.
It has a built-in LiPo charger and 3.7v -> 5v boost circuit.

Specifications 8 MHz CPU, vibrator motor control, ultrasonic sensor, a Status LED, on-board LiPo charger, DC-DC boost.
Dimensions: 1.9" x 2.5"
Power: 3.7 LiPo battery
Software Project folder
Schematics Range Helper schematic


The Range Helper is designed to assist vision impaired persons to navigate their surroundings. It provide range information through controlling the speed of a vibrating motor. The closer and object is, the faster the motor vibrates.
The on-board LiPo battery can be charged with a standard phone 5v USB charger.
A DC-DC boost circuit provides 5v.
A status LED is also provided for development work.