Motor Slave
Motor Slave Schematic
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Name: Motor Slave Board

CPU: ATmega164P

Status: Hardware Completed. Software operational.

Summary: The Motor Slave board is a small DC motor control board with quadature and limit switch inputs for four motors.
It can be controlled through a serial port or an I2C interface.

Specifications 8 MHz CPU, Two Dual H-bridge motor drivers, a Status LED, FTDI Serial interface, I2C interface.

Dimensions: 3.8" x 2.5"

Power: CPU: 5vdc. Motors: Ext. 4-16vdc.

Software Project folder

Schematics Motor Slave schematic
Quadature Encoder schematic


The Motor Slave was designed to support an interactive art project with moving string weights. It can control up to four DC motors simultainiously.
The quad encoder was added to each motor to give position feedback and a limit switch input in provided to sense a home position for each motor.
Position control is through the FTDI serial and I2C interfaces. A PID control moves a given motor to its commanded position.
A status LED is also provided.