I2C Slave 4x2 LED Display
LED Slave Schematic
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Name: LED Display I2C Slave Board
CPU: ATmega88A
Status: In Work.
Summary: The LED Display Slave is a simple two line four digit LED display to provide numerical and limited alpha display for applications that could use a local display.

Specifications 8 MHz CPU, two lines of four 0.56 LED 7-segment displays.
Dimensions: 3.8" x 2.5"
Power: 3 - 5 VDC from I2C bus
Software Project folder
Schematics LED Display Slave schematic


The LED Display Slaved is designed to show the flexibility provided by using I2C to connect periferals to a project.
It uses an ATmega88/328 chip with a ULN2803 driver to drive 0.56" LED 7 segment displays configure into two groups of 4.
Power is supplied through the I2C bus and is a max of 40ma with 5v.
There are jumper to control the use of the I2C terminators.